Emblica officinalis), (Terminalia bellirica), and (Terminalia chebula).


General information

Triphala is a combination of three fruits that have a long history of medicinal use in India. The rich legacy of this formula is comparable to its effectiveness as a digestive aid. This gastro-intestinal rejuvenative formula contains:

• Amla, a sour fruit that is high in anti-oxidants compound and has a regenerative effect digestive tissue and supportive organs.

• Haritaki, a bitter fruit that stimulates the digestive fire to support healthy nutrient absorption.

• Bibhitaki, an astringent fruit that supports healthy movement of food through the bowels; in this way, supporting elimination of toxins, within normal limits.

This formula also serves antioxidant, support healthy inflammatory response, and immune-modulatory functions in the body.

Uses and Actions

• Gastrointestinal support*

• Digestive tonic*

• Liver support*

• Mild laxative*

• Antioxidant*


• Supports healthy digestion*

• Supports liver health*

• Supports healthy detox*

• Supports eye health*

Parts Used

• Fruit from each herb is use